Anthony Bourdain: ‘Tony’ is a champion at the New York Open this past April, but Tony is not known for his BJJ skills,

but rather he is known for his cooking skills and celebrity status. Anthony is the star of “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” and “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations,”

both of these shows brings Tony to different parts around the world and eat the local food,

which is why he came to Chengdu… Sichuan Food. While in Chengdu, Tony specifically asked to train with CDBJJ’s Black Belt Jerry S for 6 days in a small private class.
Bourdain is from Renzo Gracie Gym in New York City. He got his blue belt specifically from Igor Gracie. Igor is a special instructor which CDBJJ’s Jerry S was a student under Igor for two years between 2007-2009 at Renzo Gracie Stamford Connecticut Gym while he was a blue belt. So with that Jerry S and Anthony shared a special bond. 

While at CDBJJ, Tony asked many questions and Jerry S showed him some of his favorite techniques, which Tony excelled in. Throughout the 6 days at CDBJJ, Tony trained not only with Instructor of CDBJJ but with most of CDBJJ’s loyal members; such at Ju Ju, Grape, Big Basketball Guy, Jelly and others. Not only that, even Twitter and Facebook loved Anthony’s visit at CDBJJ!

When asked about how he felt training at CDBJJ, Anthony said “CDBJJ guys are monsters, everyone is very damn good.” Anthony was not just being polite; in fact, he was telling the truth. Being from New York, a ‘New Yorker,’ he never tells a lie and tells it like it is. Tony was being pushed by everyone he rolled with, also being 59 years old he did not want ‘easy’ rolls, but rather, he challenged himself against everyone... And if you were big he wanted to roll with you, which was a bad idea because he got demolished by all CDBJJ’s big guys (Jerry S told them to go easy, they never listen…). When Jerry S apologized Tony said “No worries, I expected it.”
While Anthony may have learned a few moves and got beaten a lot of times, he also demonstrated some of his best techniques against CDBJJ’s Black Belt Jerry S. Jerry S allowed Tony to move, because just ‘killing students’ all the time is not fun and not inductive to learning or expand on technique. Without giving much a way, Jerry S learned a lot from his rolls with Tony and will use those techniques and expand on them. Jerry S will only show his loyal and dedicated students on what he has learned and developed. A great learning experience indeed!  What are those techniques? Let’s just say it is very dangerous and only a select few can learn it, because in the wrong hands, serious injury can occur… BJJ career ending injuries!
With that, it was an exciting time for CDBJJ, a very famous celebrity trained and praised CDBJJ for their tough fighters. Ask if he would train again at CDBJJ, he did not hesitate and would gladly come back if he has another video to shoot in Chengdu! Go Train, OOSSSSS

 Anthony Bourdain是去年纽约巴西柔术公开赛的冠军,但是他到不为的巴西柔术技巧而出名,更多的是因为他的掌厨技艺和名人的身份而被众人所了解。Anthony是两部电视剧“Anthony bourdain: parts unknown” 和 “Anthony bourdain: no resevations”的主角。两部剧都是讲述了Anthony到世界各地鉴赏当地的美食,当然这次他来到了成都,为了鉴赏四川菜。在成都的这段日子,Anthony专门要求到成都巴西柔术俱乐部cdbjj来和馆里的黑带Jerry教练一起进行了为期六天的小团体私教课。
Anthony是纽约市renzo gracie 柔术馆的蓝带。他是在馆里的Igor gracie手里拿到的蓝带。Igor是一个非常特别的教练,在2007到2009年,cdbjj的黑带教练Jerry当他自己还是蓝带时曾在renzo gracie的斯坦福康奈迪克分院跟随Igor教练训练巴西柔术。所以在某种程度上说Jerry教练和Anthony是同门师兄弟。
总而言之,对cdbjj和对Anthony都是激动和难以忘却的几天,对cdbjj而言,一个名人来此训练并赞不绝口,对Anthony而言,他再来成都时是肯定会毫不犹豫地再来cdbjj训练! ossss

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